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World Massage FestivalGeary Whiting 2015 Massage Hall of Fame Inductee.
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Shiatsu Massage School of California.
Geary Whiting has also been awarded the “Outstanding Achievement Award.” Presented by Dr. Do Ann T. Kaneko, it reads, “Your contribution to this field of Oriental Medicine through Shiatsu-Anma is excellent. Your strong commitment to help and educate people deserves to be hereby recognized.”

Out of 2000 graduates in the 25-year history of the school, only 10 were granted this award.

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Thank You Sir… for The Big Sur! This is a common comment by many of the locals.

Big Sur is known world over as perhaps one of the most beautiful, and majestic healing place on Planet Earth. From afar, those in search of excellence in experience, travel to this rugged paradise where the ocean stretches as far as the eye can see as it meets jetting cliffs that gracefully blend into giant mountains covered with Redwood, Pine, Oak, and Madrone. From amongst these giants, flow clear, delicious, refreshing water rushing from its hiding places, and returning life to the ocean, completing natures cycle. For such a world class place it would only make sense to have a world class equine massage education program.

Ask yourself, am I ready for that special experience in Big Sur, well if you are there is a unique teacher waiting to teach you some important subjects, presented in the different areas of the Big Sur Coast. From its unique massage program for Horse and Human, to elegant dining at Tree Bones Yurt Resort as well as the places where the locals go. While lodging on the mountain at 3200 ft consisting of rustic simple cabins and specially designed campsites with a splendid and breath taking view of the ocean, a life long memory awaits you.

As you go through the tour you will see this is a different kind of program. Geary Whiting’s Equine Massage School is a unique program, and because it is, it only made sense to make its home in the mountains of …The Big Sur.

I look forward to having you up here in the mountains amongst all of the beauty and splendor. Indeed, you may just find yourself saying, “Thank you sir… for the Big Sur.”

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Geary Whiting offers a wealth of knowledge in equine massage and shiatsu methods to reduce your horse's pain and improve his performance.

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