Big Sur, California is known and coveted for its beauty, hospitality and great camping. It is a magical place that brings everyone joy, especially us locals. It brings us joy because we are able to be a part of a new and wonderful experience for the first time traveler to our area, and to show them some real hospitality.
In 1950, my grandfather Howard Hilton built his mining cabin up in the mountains of this beautiful area. It overlooks the majestic Pacific Ocean in the nose bleed section at 3200 ft elevation. Did he find wealth? Yes. The wealth is in the beauty and surroundings of the property. It is in the orchestrated symphony of nature’s wild life.

Howard Hilton is a legend on the mountain and was a regular feature in mining journals in his day. He was known for his warm storytelling, hospitality and great coffee, food and wine. Grandmother did not allow wine in her house, but she did not come to the mine on the mountain!

Deer, fox, bears, bobcats, birds, trees and cool breezes are only some of the musicians in this world class orchestra of relaxation and simplicity at Grandad’s mine. Yep, no cell phones, no cars, and no interruptions. Just what the Doctor ordered to lower ones blood pressure and stress. Whether you are hearing about the Historic gold mining town of Manchester built in the 1800’s, or taking a tour of the “Mystery Tunnel” located on my property, you are in for a treat. Stalactites, and the beginning of stalagmites can be found in the “Mystery Tunnel”. The story of the Mystery Tunnel is a great tribute to my four little adventure/warriors who attended my program. If it were not for them I could not share it with you.
It is only fitting that as Howard’s grandson, I carry on his legacy. I have lots of stories about the mine and the mountain and you will most likely hear many of them while you are at my school. The menu, education and decor is designed to remind students of a time when life was a little more simple. This is more than just an equine massage certification program. For many students attending Equine Massage Therapy School it is a unique, wholesome and life changing experience. So plan on leaving your as usual life along with your electronic gadgets and problems at home and be ready for something that will remain with you for many years to come. You will be a part of the continuation of the legacy of “THE WILLOW CREEK HILTON”.

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